Terms and Conditions

All contestants MUST complete this BEFORE being considered for the show.





Contestant Application


  1.  I, ______________________________ , agree that as a contestant in the reality show,

       Printed Name


NEVER GUESS WHO, any and all images and/or audio recordings of me become the exclusive property of TRINITY FILMS PRODUCTIONS for their use.



  1. If I am chosen as a contestant, any and all activities will be provided by TRINITY FILMS PRODUCTIONS.



  1.  If I am chosen to as a contestant, it will be as a participant in a blind dating situation. The date, place and time will be determined by TRINITY FILMS PRODUCTIONS.



  1.  I will not disclose ANY information regarding the show events to others. This includes, but is not limited to family, friends and social media outlets until after the airing of the show episode in which my image appears. Failure may result in cancellation of my participation in the show.

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